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Moss Properties are keen to share their success story with you!

In the fast-paced world of property management, delivering exceptional service is of paramount importance. At Vaboo, we understand the challenges faced by letting agents and landlords in trying to balance the tenant satisfaction while seeking out new business opportunities. We appreciate that it is a constant struggle for so many agents to find time to focus on strategic growth when having to fire-fight so many existing customer issues and with only 10% of agents having adequate bandwidth to do so shows the extent of the issue for the majority .

So often we hear comments such as ”Do you understand how hard it is when you want to do a great job of taking care of your existing customers, while there is so much pressure to find new ones?”

So we are thrilled to share Frances Bowling's illuminating testimony from Moss Properties, shedding light on how Vaboo has revolutionised their ability to maximise customer service and new sales simultaneously and without compromise.

Reflecting on Moss Properties' journey with Vaboo, Frances comments on the rationale for their partnership with Vaboo at the beginning:

"Initially, we started using it for our tenants as an incentive for them to rent a property with us as opposed to any competitor because of the discounts."

This echoes a common sentiment among letting agents—tenant incentives are a means to secure business. However, what sets Vaboo apart is its ability to transform these incentives into actionable data insights that drive business growth and help boost customer service in the process.

Frances goes on to highlight the transformative power of data, explaining how Vaboo's tailored questions during the move-in process provide valuable insights.

"The questions that they ask tenants on moving in creates us an NPS score."

This can help them gauge the level of service they are providing. Moreover, Frances stresses the importance of continual feedback and improvement. She explains,

"We're very proactive in the fact that if we've got anything less than a seven out of ten then we want to know why? We'll take the time to have a call with that client and understand what's going to make it better for them."

This proactive approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also cultivates a culture of trust and transparency — a cornerstone of sustainable business growth.

However in addition to improving their customer service, Frances emphasises the importance of the next simple but very effective question asked of her customers: “Are you looking to purchase a property?" This seemingly innocuous query has become a gateway to uncovering new sales prospects and nurturing them towards conversion.

Understanding her customers’ future house purchase plans has really helped the sales potential within Moss Properties and as Frances surmises the impact has been significant:

“We're really starting to see those answers in that data come to fruition now and getting to speak to these tenants before they just put their termination in, because they've already found somewhere. We've not missed that opportunity”.

Within her testimonial video Frances also aptly captures the essence of Vaboo's value proposition, acknowledging its evolution since Moss Properties first became a client.

"It's evolved quite a lot since we first became a client of Vaboo's and it's about the data that tenant's going to give you."

This serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of seeing the bigger picture—of leveraging data to drive innovation, to foster client relationships and to unlock hidden opportunities.

Schedule a platform demo today to discover how you can unlock the potential of Vaboo.

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