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What we have learnt from successful agents.

Working with successful letting agencies across the UK, there are 5 very stark focus areas that have shaped their approach and set them up for the success that they are having today.

It all begins with a focus on creating a connection with their community. They didn’t just want to sell to their customers, they wanted to understand and engage with their customers in a way that resonated with them the most. Their consumers’ generation is one that wants to help, to feel connected, and to be social in a mobile and efficient way and to succeed this has to be facilitated.

Their second focus area is delivering relevant, meaningful content, and services that went beyond monetary value - they made sure to remind each customer that they were, in their way, changing their world for the better.

Thirdly they wanted to establish customers for life, by making sure they diversified their product line, put this clearly in their line of sight, as well as offering exemplary customer service.

The fourth area was to establish their philanthropic commitments to reflect the changing social priorities of the times. This allowed them to continue the conversation through new incentives and more personalized interactions, supporting other local businesses and creating support networks.

Finally, all of these solidified their fifth focus area, which was to create a culture of innovation and to become leaders in their space. A space where they fully understand their customers and use that information to inspire every decision they make.

Building Connections

The culture of innovation is simply no longer a nice to have, agencies need to use proptech solutions to show leadership and to serve their customer’s needs. They need to create strong connections and build a brand that goes beyond their product.

By strategically partnering with tenant experience technologies such as Vaboo’s customer reward and engagement platform, agents can provide the necessary tools to make tenants and their employees feel comfortable in their homes and with their lifestyle. This is especially important to delivering a competitive edge in a quickly evolving market, where enhanced connections with your customers will generate immediate and future value for business.

With financial and health and social concerns at the forefront of many marketing strategies, agents need to prioritize and understand their building occupants more than ever before. To collect necessary insights on tenants and to better understand how they are actually using their homes, allows agents to differentiate their offering in a way that is meaningful to the end user. To do this successfully will require access to granular data.

A data driven approach

Real-time feedback can ensure the longevity of tenancies as well as the opportunity for establishing other service needs. This is indisputably what gives market leaders the informed, competitive edge they need. In simpler terms: investing in tenant experience is more than just investing in technology, it’s the adoption of a data driven approach.

Adapting your engagement approach is the key to building both short and long-term success and launching a digital tenant experience strategy has become more important than ever before. With a Vaboo partnership, agents can successfully navigate current and future concerns in the areas of communication, wellbeing, service offerings, and finances. The more you learn about your tenants’ needs through data-driven decision-making, the more successful you will be as you continue to adapt and transform to accommodate the new needs of customers in 2021.

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