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In a market influenced by high demand and limited supply, differentiating your agency is key. Vaboo helps you achieve just that.

Take a look at our platform and sample data to learn more about how Vaboo can help you attract new landlords and maximise your ROI on existing properties.

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Why choose Vaboo?

Attract more landlords and increase your agency's ROI with expert data insights into your properties and tenants.​

Two key areas to grow your estate agent revenue are attracting new customers and understanding when to upsell to your existing customers.

Here's how we do it

By surveying all of your customers, you will have a wealth of data at your disposal. This means you can make informed decisions on when to upsell services like mortgages, insurance, and more.

Get the most from your data

By knowing when to upsell to your customers, you can open new revenue opportunities. Whatever your services, our platform gives you insights on purchase intent to maximise your profits.

Tap into new revenue streams

Keep customers happy

Our rewards programme, which includes a monthly free rent prize draw, is designed to keep tenants happier and loyal, reducing the time and resources spent on your existing properties.

Some of our clients

Trusted by over 350 smart UK agents

Whether you're a single branch independent or a national franchise group, our platform is designed for everyone.

A platform for estate agencies of all sizes

Backed by years of expertise in the property industry, we've refined our platform to address the specific pain points faced by agencies like yours.

View your agency’s Net Promoter Score in real time and access tenant insights to identify and address issues quickly.

Keep track of your performance

Tired of blending in with the crowd? By enhancing tenant experiences with Vaboo, you naturally attract more landlords to your agency.

Make your agency stand out

Help your new and existing landlords get the most out of their properties with insights on competitive rental rates and tenant satisfaction.

Maximise landlord ROI

What our clients say

"Vaboo are professional, knowledgeable and totally dedicated to ensuring they provide the best experience for tenants. One of our tenants was lucky enough to win their month’s rent free competition. A real Win-Win!"

Nick Edwards

Gibbs Gillespie

"We looked for a value added partner and found Vaboo. They were a perfect fit for us to blow the competition out of the water. They have allowed us to take their platform and make it our own with branding and our own products. "

Gareth Birkett

Juna Property

"From day one we have been enormously impressed by Vaboo, both the team and the product. The team are eager to help and the product helps our tenants save large amounts of money and helps us remain engaged with our tenants. ."

Peter Smith

Bill Free Homes

"Vaboo helps us to find a cost-effective and practical way to invest in customer experience and engage with our tenants so that we can continue to grow our business with integrity, prove we care and stand out from our competitors."

Adam Reed

Reed Residential

"We have been using Vaboo for some time as we wanted to increase engagement with our customers, make them feel valued and give something back for choosing us. The team is great and always willing to help generate ideas."

Keeran Beebeejaun

Medeway Premier Homes

"Not only do we provide quality houses, people and agents, we also give all these benefits... Vaboo is part of many strategies that we utilise to improve our business. It's something in our toolbox that no other agent has in our area."

Oli Collins

VCC Homes

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