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35,000 Tenants Said This...

As we look to 2021, we have been asking about top tenant concerns to help agents shape their service to meet their customer expectations.  Over 35,000 responses have been received from the nationwide survey in 2020 – demonstrating not only the relevance of these concerns, but that tenants want and need to talk about them!

It won't surprise you during the changing economic circumstances for many in a challenging 2020, that of those asked 78% of respondents stated that the rising costs of living were amongst their top concerns. The survey asked which areas tenants felt would make the biggest difference if they could make savings – the result was eye opening, with household bills coming out top for 10,000 more tenants than the next closest area – groceries – which claimed over 48% of respondent’s top 3 concerns.

Vaboo also asked if it would be useful if agents could help provide savings in these areas as part of their continuous commitment to a great customer service and renting experience.  The answer was a resounding yes with 77% stating this would make them feel positively about their agent.

When Vaboo broke down which savings were most important to tenants when it came to household bills, saving money on energy bills came out top with 68% citing this as the biggest area they felt they could save money. However, over 54% of respondents had never switched energy providers and over 66% of tenants thought that switching providers would save them under £100 a year.

Vaboo’s white-labelled platform enables tenants save money on household utilities as well as with national retailers.  The platform also facilitates switching energy providers, saving tenants up to £461 on their annual energy bill.  

If you feel insights like this would help your agency understand your customers, chat to the Vaboo team at

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