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5 reasons why your agency should be part of your local community.


Being involved in the community is good for any business. For locally owned and operated businesses, as well as online agencies, it’s even more important because you can actually interact and build relationships with your customers and prospects outside the walls of your establishment and beyond the digital world. Whilst many agents dream of national domination, we find out why its important to think local to think big. Here are five reasons to get involved in your local community.


Actions speak louder than words. You can say you care about your customers and that you are an expert in your local area all you want. Put action to your words. Show the community – your community – that you care about them and want them to grow along with your business.

When you get involved, you can see what issues your community is currently facing. Perhaps the high street is struggling, or perhaps local hospitality is affected as disposable income has become more carefully guarded. What financial or employment issues has the pandemic created? Knowing about the problems your community is facing helps you decide where and how to get involved.

Problems aside, being involved in the community gives you an insider’s advantage to the good things happening around town as well. There are always plenty of noteworthy local headlines worth celebrating too.


Just being out there can do wonders for your brand awareness. Community involvement shows your customers what you’re doing to make their immediate world a better place for everyone. Another brand awareness benefit is added content for your social channels or blog.

Get your employees involved in giving back and promoting your community involvement. Plan your next team night out (currently maximum of 6 people) at a local restaurant and help their business by raving about how good your meal was, perhaps recommend your local hardware store for being helpful and fully stocked with everything your tenants need.


Get out there and meet your fellow business owners, even if they’re your direct competitor. Perhaps develop relationships with a business in the area you can partner with, promote offers for, or exchange ideas with. There are plenty of industry networking groups you can join as well.  An agency will thrive on recommendations and referrals.  Especially if these come from other local and trusted businesses in your area.


While we don’t suggest this be your only motive for getting involved in the community, this is a nice benefit. Especially, if your competition isn’t involved much at all. If you can be seen more often than your competitor(s), you’ll be creating greater consumer awareness.

It also helps paint your agency in a positive light, giving you a platform to be your own advocate in the area. This, in turn, gives others reason to choose your business over the competition. It’s a noisy online world for agents.  Finding ways to stand out has never been more important.


We all know every agency should have an active social media presence. Social media is where your customers are all the time and you should be too.  But what should you be saying? The best way to attract landlords and tenants to your letting agency by proving you are the most knowledgeable agent in their town. So how can you do this?

One of the best ways to engage on socials is to regularly comment on relevant local posts, especially if it’s not about property. Sounds counter-productive but hear us out. If someone is talking about the pot holes, or parking issues or plastic left in the local park then taking time to engage goes a long way to show that you care about helping others.

Think how you feel about someone when then they comment on your post .. its normally positive right? So why not start to create some positive feelings about what prospective customers think of you?

Being active on social media and in your local groups can increase your bottom line. Research shows that 53 percent of people who follow a brand on social media are more loyal to that brand.

How we help you become part of your community

In these uncertain times, customers in all industries need to feel supported and cared for. For the Private Rented Sector this has never been more important, whilst providing all Agents a chance to prove how valuable their service is to both tenants and landlords alike.

Amidst this continuing global healthcare crisis and tough economic environment, Agents are challenging the public perception of the PRS, recognising this need and rising to this unprecedented social challenge. With long term effects on personal finances and business continuity still unknown, Letting Agents have been finding ways to ease the pressure for their customers and for local businesses in their area. Vaboo’s customisable Rewards Platform allows agents to add offers and discounts from local businesses and promote these directly to their tenant customers.

Want to be a part of your community? Book a demo with Vaboo at to find out more.

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