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Automation is overlooked, by design

We developed the Vaboo service in a way that allows our clients to automatically consume it. The power of automatic customer engagement enables our clients to focus on the day-to-day of managing their business with the knowledge that their customers will remain engaged with their brand.

Over the last few years, smart business owners have become quick to take advantage of digital automation and often overlook the development hours devoted to delivering such benefits. The great thing is, that's how it's supposed to be.

The contributing developers don't feel short-changed, they feel valued. The lack of friction experienced on both sides has many more benefits than meets the eye.

By enabling our clients to automate an essential part of their customer journey, we have more time to improve our product. We can spend more time on our engagement strategy and getting to know the deeper needs of our clients. To top it off, our clients can invest more time into growing their business.

Here are a few use cases for the Vaboo API:

  1. A recent client built their customer journey around Vaboo; providing over 1,500 tenants with immediate value followed by hundreds more tenants every month.

  2. Another client benefits from providing various levels of access to a white-labelled rewards platform to over 500 new tenants per week as soon as they've been added to their CRM.

  3. A third client upgrades a customer's access level (and discount value) based on the service tier they've subscribed to.

"It's great that we can leave it all to the API. We can confidently say to tenants, during the move in process, that they will receive an activation email for their perks account on the day they move in."
"We're able to increase the value of our top service tier by including premium discounts within the package. If someone changes tier in the middle of their tenancy, their access within Vaboo changes straight away."

Friction is not welcome.

It's important that clients find it easy to use our API and can extend other services such as Zapier or their in-house CRM to interact with it. Each command uses a single line of code and can be used with any programming language.`${ creds }`, user)

Clients can add a a user to their Vaboo platform with a single line of code.

During the setup process, we work closely with clients who choose to integrate their systems to develop a tailored approach that meets their needs.

If you're a Vaboo client and haven't been welcomed into the world of automated design, get in touch here.

If you're not a Vaboo client but want to enhance your customer engagement strategy - click here to get something in the calendar.

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