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Beyond Lockdown: 7 Top Tips to Maximise The Power of Engagement

Want to build a successful Agency?  Build a base of engaged customers!

Keeping your customers (both tenants and landlords) constantly dialed in is good for business. They’re consuming your content, commenting on social media, enjoying your communication, sharing their experiences with friends and family, and (most importantly) developing long term relationships with you. They’re engaged.

As another Lockdown hits the UK, how your agency comes out the other side depends on this one thing.  So, if you want to be World Class and not just vanilla, we've asked over 6000 tenants what they really think - so here are our 7 top tips on customer engagement:

Engagement pays off.  Investing in customer engagement will pay off.  Customer engagement is what fuels brand loyalty. And a base of loyal customers will give you three of your greatest resources: Retention, referrals and reviews from tenants and landlords alike. Our tenant survey revealed that 94% of tenants with Vaboo agents would choose their agent again for another rental property.

People want to earn as they spend. In our survey over 35% of tenants had changed their employment status due to Covid-19. As people have been forced to think more carefully about their personal finances,  when it comes to making purchases in 2020, people are constantly considering how they can save, earn, and be rewarded as they spend. Customers place a high degree of importance on rewards, whether it comes to big-ticket items or smaller, more habitual purchases.

Customers want to be surprised. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? One of the top ways brands can engage is by sending surprise offers simply for being a good customer. These sorts of offers show customers that they’re valued and their needs are being thought about.

Persistence is key. People don’t become fully engaged customers overnight. You need to be consistent. When engagement with a brand becomes habitual, the customer starts actively thinking about the brand on a daily basis, whether it’s anticipating an email offer or checking out the latest social media post. This puts your agency in a prime position to promote your other revenue generating products and services.

Go mobile. Did you know people have twice the number of brand interactions on mobile than anywhere else? People are constantly using their smartphones for everything. Mobile isn’t just a way to engage. It’s a core component of engagement in 2020. Whilst it seems customers still value that professional distance with over 73% stating that email was the preferred method of communication with their agent, make sure your engagement is mobile friendly!

Customer service matters. Think of customer engagement as how your brand manages its relationships with its customers. So, just like any relationship, you need to know how to respond well when things don’t go the way you were planning. That’s where customer service comes in.  Our recent insights showed that 83% of tenants rated their Vaboo Agent at least an 8 out of 10

If you want to succeed at customer engagement, you need to succeed at customer service.

Content matters. The customer-brand relationship needs to run deeper than being purely focused on your service. Customers seek to engage with brands that deliver compelling content that resonates with their interests, lifestyle and is relevant to their local community. That means you need to have insight into your audience. Otherwise you won’t be able to deliver the content that hits that sweet spot.

Take the time to listen

The only way for agents to effectively personalise customer experiences is through data. Data allows you to dive deep into customer personas and create the experiences they crave. Engagement is a 2-way street. By truly taking the time to listen to your customers and find ways to capture these insights only then will you hear and understand their needs. Once you understand these needs, then you will know what opportunities they present.

Customer engagement and communication can be a full-time job: Vaboo can do it all for you.

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