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Do you know when your tenants are on the move or how they feel about you? Vaboo do!

How would you like to find out when your tenants plan to buy a new home? Or would you like to access how they feel about your service at any given time?

Vaboo's brand NEW customer dashboard will give you access to this data at the touch of a button! Whether you want to know when to market properties for sale to your existing database at exactly the right time, or want to nurture long-term teannacies with those who plan to stay in rental accomodation - Vaboo have some new features you are going to LOVE.

Just some of the new highlights include:

  1. We automatically ask your customers for feedback and refresh it every 70 days.

  2. Vaboo gives you a real-time snapshot of how your customers feel about you.

  3. See a list of your least or most happy customers so you can reach out to build the bridge.

  4. Develop a Net Promotor Score that you can wear as a badge of honour and prove your level of customer experience to attract new customers.

  5. When you have used the information to help solve a problem, you can simply click a button to ask for new feedback when they next log in.

  6. On average, we learn when 30% of your renters want to buy a property. You're always first to know and you can use this information in any way you like.

Why not take a tour with our team and find out how Vaboo can keep track of your important customer relationships and add value to your business in ways your competition can only dream of!

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