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Raising the bar for customer care

In these uncertain times, customers in all industries need to feel supported and cared for. For the Private Rented Sector this has never been more important, whilst providing all Agents a chance to prove how valuable their service is to both tenants and landlords alike.

Amidst this continuing global healthcare crisis and tough economic environment, Agents are challenging the public perception of the PRS, recognising this need, and rising to this unprecedented social challenge. With long term effects on personal finances and business continuity still unknown, Letting Agents have been finding ways to ease the pressure for their customers.

Agents lend a helping hand

Agents, despite the own financial pressures on their businesses, have been dipping into their own pockets to upgrade their customers to Vaboo's Premium rewards service. This gives tenants access to hundreds more savings from national and local retailers on their purchases of everyday items, household essentials, grocery shopping and exclusive discounts designed to ease the pressure on the rising costs of living.

By allowing our tenants savings of an average of 10%-20% on purchases, utilities and services, it makes rents more affordable in this current climate.  We just want to do everything possible to help. We have been personally calling tenants to tell them all about the upgrade to their service, so it’s a great way to get in touch and just check in with how they are doing.”  says Andrea Proctor, Black Cat Property Agents, Burnley.

Jonathan Stein  added “It is our aim to help our Agents improve every customer’s journey and renting experience with the added value our reward platform brings. We want to demonstrably show how Agents are committed to customer service, gain valuable insights and give Agents a platform to engage with their tenants. We are proud of how our service sets our clients apart from their competition.”

Adam Reed from Reed Residential in Southend said “Whilst finding ways to cut costs is important for agents in the here and now, cutting corners on customer care is a false economy. We know that this is an area in which it is important to invest in order to continue to grow the business and stand out from our competitors.”

Community Champions

Agents are also using the potential of access to the rewards platform to help other local businesses in their local community too. By offering their customers local discounts as well as access to national household names, Agents are becoming a community hub for reviving businesses.

Medway Premier Homes have been just one of the Vaboo Agents rallying to promote business regeneration.

“We want to support our local businesses and in this time is hugely important! We understand the financial pressures everyone is facing. We are able to offer businesses the chance to advertise their business for FREE on our rewards platform. We have the opportunity to help put local businesses in front of our large landlord and tenant base. Let’s all work together!”

As the property market shifts back into gear, it is these Agents who have stepped up who are shining through, instilling trust in their community and gaining the business of consumers and Landlords alike. In a shift in demand, the expert local Agents who truly know their customers, are those who stand out as community champions able to help clients navigate the ever-changing property landscape.

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