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The Power of Positive Tenant Feedback

In the world of property management, fear of negative reviews can overshadow recognition of excellence, and Sam Whitehead at The Accommodation Bureau was no exception. Despite confidence in the quality of service, he hesitated to ask for reviews, fearing potential criticism.

I think there's always that kind of fear from agents of getting those bad reviews internally, we're confident that we're a good agency and offer a good service to tenants. We still never did ask for reviews out of fear of those bad ones."

Vaboo helped significantly change Sam’s approach to tenant satisfaction and feedback. As part of Vaboo's comprehensive Agent solution, feedback was collected from tenants, asking a simple yet powerful question: "Would you recommend The Accommodation Bureau to a family member or friends?" This simple question opened the floodgates to a wealth of positive feedback, reaffirming The Accommodation Bureau's commitment to excellent customer service.

Accessing the Vaboo dashboard revealed a consistent stream of eight, nine, and ten-star ratings from hundreds of tenants in their portfolio. It was a revelation – a testament to the quality of service they provided. Bolstered by newfound confidence, the bureau embarked on a campaign to harness the positive sentiments of tenants and translate them into tangible results.

The impact was profound. Within twelve months, their Google review count soared from a mere handful to over 140, with an impressive 4.9 rating. The ripple effect was palpable. Landlords, were drawn by The Accommodation Bureau’s stellar reputation with reviews as a deciding factor in their decision-making process. As Sam explains in his own words the benefits were incredible.

“In the last six months more and more landlords are calling us and they say, oh, I've seen your Google rating or I've been on your website and seen your reviews and, we just wouldn't have got that beforehand.”

But the journey with Vaboo didn't stop there. Beyond the realm of reviews, Vaboo introduced The Accommodation Bureau to a world of tenant rewards and engagement initiatives that further elevated their service offering. By providing tenants with access to exclusive discount codes and monthly competitions for rent-free months, they not only enhanced the tenant experience but also fostered a sense of appreciation and loyalty.

Moreover, Vaboo's innovative approach extended beyond tenant satisfaction, offering valuable insights into their future plans, aspirations and also concerns. By leveraging this data, Agents can also tailor services to meet their customers’ evolving needs, whether it be exploring homeownership opportunities or addressing maintenance concerns promptly and efficiently.

In essence, Vaboo became an indispensable partner in The Accommodation Bureau's quest to differentiate themselves in an industry marred by mediocrity. By instilling confidence in tenants and demonstrating genuine commitment to their well-being, they not only enhanced their reputation but also forged stronger relationships with landlords and stakeholders alike.

All of which has clearly helped grow their business and as Sam explains:

“we've grown our lettings portfolio by around 200 properties in the last couple of years and Vaboo have played a part in that and we just can take confidence that we are offering good service to tenants and landlords.”

As Sam reflects on their journey with Vaboo, he takes pride in their growth story – a testament to the transformative power of prioritising service and engagement. To fellow agents seeking to redefine the status quo, he extends a simple recommendation: try Vaboo and unlock the full potential of tenant satisfaction.

Try Vaboo today:

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