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The results are in: Vaboo latest data proves Customer Experience is a hot topic for 2022

Many Letting Agency websites make bold claims:

“We put our customers first”, “We are the number 1 local agent”, “We offer more than just homes”, “We are better than our competition”, “We value your business”, “You can trust us”.

Are you REALLY serious about your Customer Experience?

Any company truly serious about their customer experience will be measuring it – and that is exactly what we do for our Letting Agent customers here at Vaboo.

NPS is a measurement used by companies around the world to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty to a brand. NPS differs from other benchmarks, as it gives a good indication of a customer’s sentiment about a brand as a whole, rather than just their opinion on particular interactions or purchases. Because of this, it has become synonymous in discussions across industries about customer experience, and is a helpful tool for Agencies to see how their customer service is perceived, as well as, where improvements could be made.

It comes down to a simple question in essence:

Based on your customer experience, how likely are you to recommend us to friends/family/landlords?

We won’t beat about the bush when it comes to the general perception of the industry. With an average NPS score of -11 (yes MINUS) there is much work to be done.  Those Agents who recognise the correlation between customer experience, growth and long term relationships are definitely those agents that have already seen the value of a customer rewards platform and are demonstrating that their customer experience is above the rest.

We have been asking more of the industry for some time when it comes to customer care, as we continue on our mission to improve the perception of the PRS.  “Prove it” has been something we having been shouting from our purple tower – “prove you care, prove you are different from your competition, prove actions speak louder than words.”

But we must be held to the same accountability.

We need to prove that a customer rewards platform not only delights your customers – but gives tangible results too.  And we think that the data gathered in our latest annual reports for our clients does just that.  So if you needed proof that a Customer Rewards platform isn’t just a “nice to have” then here it is.

• Average client improvement (1st NPS vs most recent NPS) = 6.1

• Average NPS for January 21 = 39

• Average NPS for April 21 = 43

• Average NPS for July 21 = 44

• Average NPS for October 21 = 45

• Average NPS for January 22 = 47

As you can see, this has improved each quarter a client has been using the platform and has increased by 8 points over the last year. If stats are your thing, then here are a few more of our favourites:

• 77% of our clients have improved their NPS since they joined us

• 58% of our clients have improved their score by 5 or more

• 33% of our clients have improved their score by 10 or more

• 25% of our clients have improved their score by 12 or more - research shows that a 12 point increase leads to a doubling of a company's growth rate.

• Our top performing client has grown their NPS by a whopping 36 points since using Vaboo.

So if you want to be part of our leading statistics for Customer Experience in 2022, then let our team show you where to start.

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