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A Lucky Break: Wavertree Tenant Wins a Month's Rent!

We've all heard the old saying, "luck favours the bold," but for Madeline Weston, a tenant in Wavertree, Liverpool, luck came knocking in a most unexpected way. Thanks to Inspire Estates' Customer Rewards & Loyalty programme in collaboration with Vaboo, Madeline won a month's rent!

Madeline, who is enjoying her second year living with Luxury Student Homes (LSH), shared her exhilaration:

"I am so attached to LSH. Our experience here has been unparalleled, especially when compared to friends who chose other housing companies. The team's efficiency is commendable; they are always ready to assist. But what excites me most is the rewards platform! It's been an adventure of delightful freebies and trying new things. Both my housemate and I have been beneficiaries of this scheme. We feel like the luckiest duo in town!”

Such tales of positivity resonate with the ethos of the businesses involved. Mark Barrow, the Marketing Manager, expressed his joy over Madeline's win.

“Understanding the financial hurdles that students grapple with, it's heartwarming for us to lighten their load. This win is a testament to our continuous drive to enhance the student living experience."

Jonathan Stein, the CEO at Vaboo, added his take on the win:

“Our primary goal is to uplift the rental journey for tenants, and our rewards platform plays a pivotal role in that. Given the current financial landscape, every bit of help counts. Our special offers and discounts are one of the many ways agents support their clients. The monthly competition is the cherry on top! And today, we are ecstatic that Luxury Student Homes got to sprinkle some happiness on one of their cherished tenants.”

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