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How to INSTANTLY double your email open rate

You might ask what Vaboo can tell you about what your customers want to hear? But with an email open rate of over 50% for content sent on behalf of our agents to their customers, we think that we might have something of value to share. With open rates that more than double the industry average, we let you in on the secret of our success.

Everybody might be talking about witty tweets, quick-tip videos, and memorable memes - but there's one marketing tool that remains powerful after all these years: emails.

Offering additional services to your customers is an important part of any growth strategy.  Lets face it - the chances are your current direct sales offers are being sent to inboxes and will be marked as spam - forever left unopened. But according to a tenant survey undertaken by Vaboo, 83% stated that email was still the preferred method of communication with their agent.

So how do you hit that sweet spot?  Yes, you can write catchy, well crafted email titles.  Yes, you can make sure your data is up to date.  Yes, you can try to establish the best time and day to send your content. But what it boils down to is having content that your customers want to read.  Content that hits their interests, wants and needs. Stop telling them your latest sales figures and make your brand messaging about helping them.

If not – you are leaving money on the table. And a bad taste in their inbox.

So unless you want to give email marketing a miss altogether and dance your way into your customers’ hearts and minds through the latest Tik-Tok craze, then get on board with email customer engagement.

And if you don’t have the time – then Vaboo can do it all for you. Find out about our awesome weekly customer engagement and book a demo at

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